Wedding Ready Skin

The Ultimate Bridal Skincare Countdown

A Year To GO...

You have set the date, booked the venue and your favourite suppliers. Yay! So now onto the fun part, You. Let’s start the countdown together, get ‘wedspiration’ wedding ready skin and feel confident inside & out.  

If you have your beautician, skinexpert already, great but don’t worry if you don’t. You have plenty of time but it is never too early to start asking friends what they did and looking up reviews so your skin is in the best hands. Another little matter to think of at this point is budget. Don’t over stretch yourself as this just adds strain. You don’t want to go in for your first facial and end up buying every skincare product they have! Start slow and build your skincare routine with every visit. You are a team now. I personally love taking a holistic approach with my clients and facials. If someone has no major concerns and just wants to have hydrated glowy skin then some key homecare products and a maintenance programme is all that is needed. If someone has pigmentation, redness, acne, large pores, sensitivity, dryness, then we need to break it down. Start more intense and work our way to hydrated glowy skin. Is it starting to make sense? Around this time, it is a great time to also think about your end result and overall look. Do you need to grow your brows, are you changing your hair colour and have you taken up a fitness regime. It is amazing the length we go too! But remember to get wedding ready skin and get to your end result. You can not skip 3,4,5… to get the 10. You must start at 1 and work up to 10 otherwise you will feel under pressure or make mistakes. 

I have a great example of this over on My do’s and dont’s post. 

6 Months To Go

You should be well on your way to wedding ready skin, you’re a gym bunny and have hair like rapunzel! If you need to fine tune your homecare routine this is a good time to do it and if you need or want to consider adding Vitamin A into your skincare routine then do it now. You might also want to think about your overall well being. Talk to an expert about gut health, the right nutrients, omegas etc  so that you will not only boost your mental, physical health but it will give you an extra glow! 

3 Months To Go

You have gotten used to the pampering, your feeling like a goddess and thinking about your hair & make up trials. How exciting! A small suggestion but it makes a big difference is… Increase your water intake and from here on, be very careful of sun exposure. Tan or no tan, the last thing you want is unwanted tan lines or worse, sunburn. Ouch! 

14 days To Go

It is nearly here. It has all been worth it. You have collected your dress from the last fittings and are super excited. You will probably have your last facial, 2 weeks to a week before your date. This is for hydration, to smooth texture and add vitamins and oxygen to the skin. A pre wedding pamper, you could also include a body wrap or gentle body brush & scrub so you are all ready for your big day.  Any waxing and brow treatments should be done a week before the wedding. Never wax your face, side of face, chin from 5 days before your wedding. Makeup will not sit properly. 

A little note, the last week can be hectic ( not always) but final check lists, guests and family arriving in from locations, last meetings with the venue and phone calls to suppliers can get the adrenal going. We need to keep this as calm as we can. If you have a few glasses of bubbles, make sure to have those extra glasses of water. If you have had a late night, make sure to have a good sheet mask on standy by for the following morning and remember to never forget The Power Of A Good Cleanse. Take off your makeup, don’t fall at the last hurdle.

2 Days To GO

Tan Time, I always recommend getting a tan done two days before so you have a chance for the tan to settle, in case you need a touch up or need any little top ups. 


Your Wedding Day Morning


You have reached 10 out of 10. I have added this in because believe it or not, It is the most important!  I am lucky enough to have previous and a lot of experience in the beauty industry both in skincare and Makeup. For this reason, I always ask the brides at the trial, about their bridal party. The reason for this is they want to feel their most beautiful and have their best skin and they have not had the year bootcamp you have gotten. So for anyone getting their makeup done here are my last recommendations.  



  1. Cleanse your skin and tone if desired. 
  2. Do not pluck your eyebrows the morning of the wedding
  3. Use a sheet mask or under eye patches ( especially for Mother of the bride)
  4. Wear a serum or light moisturiser and yes, spf is important and a small bit will not affect your makeup. 
  5. Enjoy getting pampered and remember the best beauty tip you will ever get is to smile xx

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