Cleansing Aura Ritual


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Cleansing Ritual

Fall in love with your cleansing routine. After a long day, look forward to Ananns uplifting scent of Orange Blossom and Apricot to unwind and cleanse away the day and allow powerful cold pressed oils like pumpkin deep clean your removing dirt and fruit enzymes smooth skin leaving the skin naturally glowing.

Follow with your Organic Facial Mist to hydrate the skin and soothe the skin before bedtime. It also allows for serums and creams to work in deeper into the skin.

Your third step to glowing skin is to finish with your hydrating light weight oil serum, full of extracts and high grade botanicals to protect the skin barrier and keep all your beautiful ingredients locked in.

Use your stunning hand made plate and white sage to cleanse your room, bathroom and house, clearing the energy and removing any blockages.

You can also use your white sage to clean your aura, setting your intention in beauty and wellbeing and leaving your citrine crystal on your DANU plate to hold the vibration of your intention and leave this next to your skincare.

Details – of your Cleansing Ritual Skin Set

  1. ANANN Cleansing Oil Serum
  2. Rose or Lavender Facial Mist Water
  3. Night Time Facial Oil Serum 10ml
  4. Órga hyaluronic hydration bar 7g
  5. White Sage with petals and citrine abundance crystal
  6. Hand Designed Plate
  7. Gold & Black gift box decorated to complete your beautiful gift