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Long used for its soothing qualities in herbal teas, the Hibiscus is known for its vibrant, delicate-looking blooms and high levels of antioxidants. A long-standing symbol of delicate beauty and gentleness, this flower only blooms once. Opening its bloom in the morning and receding as night falls. However, the bloom never wilts, even if plucked from its stem, helping the Hibiscus to symbolize immortality.

TIP: This Tea also makes an amazing Face Steam as a home spa treat! 

Often used as an accessory to accentuate a woman as the “Perfect Bride,” fruitful, of beauty and one with god, the bloom demonstrates the immortality of an ever-lasting love found in marriage.

Beauty Tea has a warming cinnamon-marzipan flavour with no caffeine. Mild and pleasantly seasonal herbal infusion to enjoy day or night. Contains apple pieces, orange peel, hibiscus, rose hip, rose petals, mint and natural aroma.

1-2 teaspoons, water temperature is 90′ – 100′, steeping time is 3-6 minutes, multiple brew 1-2. 

Tea should be stored in an airtight container in a dry and dark place. In a suitable environment the tea will stay fresh for about six months to one year.

Distributed from www. / House of Tea. 7 Ardee Court Ardee Street Bray Co. Wicklow.

50g (default, makes 25 cups)