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The Perfect Bathtime Ritual. Bath melts are small solid shapes of butters and oils that stay solid at room temperature, but gently melt into a warm bath, enriching the bath with moisturising oils and fragrance. Melt away any stress and fatigue with our organic butters and extracts. 

Soft pearl pigment gives your bath a beautiful shimmer while the mango and shea butter melt into your skin. The butters are infused with oat silk, orange peel powder and lavender buds for the ultimate Bath Spa.


  1. Place your Bath Spa Melt into a bowl 
  2. Brew and make a pot of your Beauty Tea
  3. Run your bath, add any extra bubbles or salts as you desire. 
  4. Finish by melting your bath spa with your tea before adding to the bath. 
  5. Relax back and let any stress and tiredness melt away while you sip away your Tea. 

Note. If the Bath Spa doesn’t fully melt, don’t worry, add to the bath and massage into skin, especially on dry areas. Your skin will feel like silk. 

Alternatively, When preparing your bath, place the bath spa into the water at the early stage and enjoy your beauty tea after your bath!

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Orange & Geranium, Lavender & Sea Kelp