Get Glowing | Master Your Makeup Trial

We are all so used to make up these days from watching tutorials, getting our own makeup done for a special occasion and even doing virtual make up classes but your make up trial only comes around once so you want to get it right, right? 

Each year I like to bring something new to my brides. After years of fine tuning my makeup skills, here are my best tips and tricks to mastering your makeup trial and getting the most out of your experience. 



Your makeup trial will take place around 4-2 months before your wedding day and your makeup trial will normally take around 2 hours. This is one of the best parts, you have spent months and longer organising and planning your big day, now you get the hands on experience and insight to your wedding morning.  It is also a great opportunity to get to know your MUA. Try to communicate what you want. Arrive bare faced if possible with just your everyday moisturiser and spf on. 

At this stage, you have probably started a good skin care routine. Try not to experiment in the last few months before your wedding and make sure you get good advice on ‘down time’ after any medical or advanced facial procedures. You might also want to think about when to add in your grooming routine. For example if you have any waxing, threading or epilation treatments on brows or sides of the face for example. The makeup artist will want to see how the make up sits on this area. Never be afraid to ask for advice in advance of your trial. 

Try to wear a top of similar style and colour to your wedding dress. This is not essential but just maybe leave the fuschia colours for another day! 

Be realistic. We all want to look our most beautiful and you will, but keep it achievable when comparing to instagram and pinterest. Enhanced lighting and filters can look great on camera but can be overwhelming in person. 



It is always the best compliment when someone just says ‘You decide, I trust you! ‘. It is great to get creative but it is also great to get an insight into what you are looking for, even if you don’t know what you are looking for yet. 

Do your research. Have a pinterest folder of inspirational wedding makeup images saved and try to choose women who have similar skin type, tone and colouring to your own. Also go through the gallery of your chosen makeup artists and their instagram. Ask yourself, do I want to look like the women in the gallery? 

You want to emphasize your assets and choose features to enhance. A good tip, to bring a photo of yourself of a time when you were happy with your makeup. This is a great insight for your MUA. You want to emphasize your assets, 

Lastly, make the most of the experience. If you can link in your hair trial to give you an overall picture of your look and if you are also considering tan. It is a good time to book a tan trial too. I recommend tan 2 days before the wedding. If distance and time is an issue, try wearing your hair up if going for an upstyle or down in a similar style to what you are thinking of and pop on a bit of instant tan as colours can look very different on different skin tones.



In your makeup trial, the makeup artist will take photos of your final look and detailed notes so it is easy to recreate. I would say, try not to overthink and analyze photos taken on the day. Your MUA and You are not pro photographers that is why you have hired the best to capture your big day. You must be happy with your make up in person and how it wears throughout the day.  I always say to my bride- to- be’s… ‘ It is your makeup, you must feel 100% comfortable in it and little changes are very easy to do. Like a lipstick change, less blush, more eyeliner. This is what a trial is for and this is how we perfect the overall look on the day of your wedding. 

If you go for a ‘natural’ look, it is still ok for it to look a little more intense at a trial. It is important to visualise the overall image, your dress, and colours. Remember, You will be in a beautiful venue, your loved ones will be in their hats and glad rags and It is not everyday you get to wear the stunning wedding dress of your dreams. 

I really look forward to makeup trials, I look forward to meeting you xx 

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