Three Ingredients For A Youthful Glow

We all know to drink plenty of water, cut down on caffeine and try to have a balanced diet. All the above is great and essential but because of environmental factors like active lifestyles and once upon a time social outings, our skin can suffer and show signs of dullness, dehydration and irritation. There is so much to choose from and it can get very confusing. We are one click away from a Jlo glow but we leave it all behind at the last minute. So, here are my 3 key ingredients to add into your daily and weekly skincare routines for a healthy youthful glow.  

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate



Alpha hydroxy acids are water loving ingredients. We have heard of Lactic acid and glycolic acid and sometimes they are combined but one will always be more prominent. If you are looking to introduce one into your routine, lactic acid is a good one to start. It can be found in cleansers, exfoliators and serums. It is good for sensitive skin and has a larger molecular weight, meaning it does not penetrate as deep and can cause less irritation. Glycolic is the smaller of the two molecular weights and can penetrate deeper into the skin, it also contains phytic acid which aids in brightening the skin. It acts as an exfoliant and can help even skin tone and help create smooth radiant skin. My tip is to use an AHA especially glycolic as a toner and or as a mask. This will help the rest of your skincare serums and creams to function effectively. 



Vitamin C

This ingredient like the above, needs to be used with caution. We don’t give this ingredient enough credit for its strength and potency. I love a burst of vitamin C and yes it can be amazing for sensitive skin but here are my key tips on how to use this power house to get the best benefits for your skin. Vitamin C helps fight against free radicals and can help increase collagen in the skin. It is a brilliant ingredient for brightening and helps with pigmentation and for this reason, I always recommend Vitamin C in the morning. Lovely in a cleanser but my favourite way to use vitamin C is in a serum. Serums are light and can penetrate deep into the skin. They leave the skin feeling light, soft and bright. Everything you want for a youthful glow! 


Organic Oils​

We have added very active ingredients to our daily routine, so now we need to bring it all together. I love using oils mainly at night but a drop into your daily moisturiser or just one drop rubbed into skin before you apply makeup can give the most youthful glow and aid in a dewy day makeup look. 

Cold pressed oils are packed with nutrients, anti-inflammatories and full of fatty acids that help protect the skin barrier. My tip is to add a night time oil cleanser like ANANN to your routine. Apply first when double cleansing to remove all dirt and grime from the day and finish your nighttime routine with a beautiful concentrated oil. In BLÁTH Infusion serum, one beautiful extract used is rosehip. Rosehip is known for aiding in healing scars. It is high in omega 3 and is also a good source of omega 6, both involved in tissue regeneration to help normalise skin with large pores. This is just one of the many benefits along with an exceptional blend of cold pressed oils and powerful ingredients that make up our infusion serum.  A great way to help maintain healthy hydrated skin with a beautiful youthful glow.

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