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About Me

I have been a holistic beauty therapist &  Make Up artist for 15 years. My career is more than just a job. It is part of who I am. It allows me to be creative, it allows me to meet new fascinating people from all different walks of life and it allows me to feel connected and grounded. ‘ I love what I do. It is always an honour to be involved in a bride’s wedding morning. I feel lucky to share my creativity with others.’ I love the feeling of transforming a clients brow and giving them new glowing soft skin. It is the total ‘feel good’ factor. 

C Beauty was founded in 2015. I had just got married myself and fell in love with all things wedding related! I wanted my brand name to represent where I was in my life and this is where I was introduced to Archangel jophiel. The angel of creativity and beauty. I was told that I had an angel with me and was asked was I an artist? but it isn’t a paint brush, it is fluffy! I started to laugh and said ‘could it be a makeup brush?’ and my now lovely friend Sara Jane said ‘YES’ your angel wants you to do more of this and your angel also wants you to create something, something like a ‘gift’ so people can remember and treasure their time with you. I was given crystals from my auntie that connected with Jophiel and so began my next chapter.  

As I did more and more bridal make ups, I started to appreciate how time is so valuable. It is something we all take for granted and can let slip away.  The rituals are little gifts of thank you, of appreciation, of connection and of self care so there are no regrets, just loving moments and beautiful skin. 

Join My Journey.

I have created C beauty Spa & Ritual’s that are finely crafted and rooted in self care. For all treatments and inquiries please contact me, while I invite you to enjoy our slow beauty  botanical gifts in the luxury of your home. 

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C Beauty, Unit 1, Spiddal Craft centre village & cafe, Spiddal, Co. Galway H91 YCP7